For over twenty years, Captain Fred and Penny Wheeler devoted their adult lives to pursuing saltwater recreations, cruising the islands, fishing, and diving from the Texas Gulf coast throughout the Florida Keys, Bahamas and on to the Lesser Antilles.† Their son, Nathan, was quite properly reared aboard a variety of vessels, power and sail.


As might be expected, financing such an enviable lifestyle required periodic work interludes.  Cold beer and cheeseburgers in paradise donít grow on trees. Rarely ones to venture more than a stoneís throw from saltwater, the Wheelers owned, managed, or partnered in a number of marine endeavors: glass bottom boats, ferry boats, crew boats, dive boats, and fleets of fishing boats.† Like gamblers with a bad habit they would earn some money, spend it on more boats and more island time.† Eventually the kid swore off the vagabond lifestyle, which so suited his parents. He wanted to live in a house and go to school like normal kids.† They compromised on Key West and built a house with 186í of sea wall.  When pirates look at forty (or fifty!) do they realize the err of their ways and settle down to responsible working American lives?††Not a chance.  Thereís enough room on that sea wall for a boat big enough to take sponsors!

Enter stage left:  Long time buddy, fishing camp owner, flats guide and seaplane pilot, Captain Brad Neat, the perfect pirate partner with a plan--show fly and light tackle anglers a fabulous time with great fishing, and they'll not only come back again and again, but they will be sure to brag to everyone within earshot.  Friends feared Outpost would never be finished... but they underestimated the power of† island time and fishing addictions.



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