One of the premiere bonefish habitats in the world is located on the west side of Great Abaco.  Known as the Bight of Abaco, this seldom fished wilderness maze of mangrove lined creeks, cays and flats offers some of the most plentiful concentrations of very aggressive bonefish. The softer interior areas are best fished from skiffs and provide considerable protection in windy conditions. Some wading on the ocean-type flats over sand and coral is available on the outer Marls.


Bonefish average in the four pound range, with reasonable numbers up to nine pounds. Outlying and offshore keys provide larger fish along the deeper edges. Although occasional migratory tarpon and permit are found here, this should be considered primarily a bonefish mecca.


Extending southeast from the Walker's Cay of Flip Pallot's Walker's Cay Chronicles fame is a string of relatively small islands. A fabulous shallow water fishing itinerary is available by cruising along these cays, then continuing around the west end of Little Abaco to the area north of the Marls. These cays present a variety of wadeable flats, bars and cuts adjacent to deeper water. Here bonefish tend to be larger, some huge, and permit are more plentiful. Moving through this area allows the angler an ever changing exploration of seldom fished areas where fish are unlikely to ever have seen an angler.


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